Do you know what ICO means? The acronym usually refers to Initial Coin Offering, and it can be seen as the equivalent of an IPO in the mainstream investment space. This crowdfunding method is becoming increasingly popular among startups.

In this article, we will get an insight of the difference between an ICO and a token sale. Let’s start!

What happens during an ICO?

In January 2021, it was reported that around 106 million people around the world were using cryptocurrencies, and an increasing number of people are interested in bitcoin and other tokens. A key factor in the growing interest in cryptocurrencies has been the rising price of bitcoin and other digital tokens.

Such interest has been pivotal in the creation of multiple crypto platforms where people can easily buy/sell cryptocurrencies or use different services.

Today we are going to talk about three different examples of crypto platforms: LYOPAY, BINANCE and KUCOIN. Do you know what their properties are? In what way do…

What is the purpose of LYO CREDIT?

Creating a token that fits into the LYOPAY ecosystem. LYO CREDIT tokens can be used for several different services: from paying commissions to promoting a community of users of the platform through currency rewards.

LYO CREDIT (LYO) is based on the Binance Smart Chain protocol that is powered by Binance. The BSC-20 is a smart contract that allows BSC to ease transactions of the LYOPAY Ecosystem (LYO) and record such credits in an account.

This virtual token is primarily used to pay fees for a wide range of physical as well as virtual products and services, but it can also…

Did you know that, currently, there are more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies on the market? Most of them scarcely appear on exchanges, while just a few of them are listed on the major ones. As digital money becomes more popular, the number of options available is really astounding.

Which crypto will lead the way in the next months? Given the astonishing number of coins on the market, we must narrow the focal point and enlist the most thrilling ones. Are you ready?

Let’s discover the 5 best cryptocurrencies to look for in 2021.

1) Bitcoin.

It is perhaps a bit predictable…

Tablet or smartphone, that’s all we need to access this technology. Surely you’ve come across this acronym: NFC.

Exactly what is it, and above all, what is this type of technology used for?

NFC is an acronym that stands for Near field communication. This type of technology serves a very specific purpose: it allows two devices to connect to each other through a wireless system. In this way, the two devices can exchange files by simply touching each other, or at least being at a very short distance from each other.

This technology works at short range, or under 10…

What features should a wallet have?

Electronic currencies physically do not exist, you will never find coins or bills of a cryptocurrency. Everything is managed through the digital network, computers and the Internet. Users themselves are part of the system, helping to perform all the necessary operations. In short, a cryptocurrency wallet is a tool you use to interact with a blockchain network.

Each wallet is paired with a specific address that allows you to receive payments or make deposits. Authentication is done through a private key that is provided when the wallet is opened or created through key generators…

What are the differences between Custody and Basic accounts? Who presents the best service?

Are any of you hesitant about these accounts? What are the pros and cons of both? Let’s find out!

The Custody Account combines the services of current account — correspondence — that of securities custody, administration and ancillary services. Are allowed then all operations related to the custody service such as collection of coupons, dividends and redemption of securities.

The Custody account, unlike the Basic account, has a higher degree of security, as it does not allow brokers to withdraw part of the securities in our…

In the empire of the technological era also appears the financial one.

Technology within the reach of everyone, but really everyone.

Nowadays, all we do is talk about cryptocurrency, blockchain, online payments here and there, and what if we talked about them by simply saying Fintech? Can one word sum up the intricate world of financial technologies? In a way, yes!

FinTech is a macro category that brings together all those technological innovations that are revolutionizing the entire financial landscape.

With the term Fintech (Techno Finance) we are going to describe a multi-billion dollar industry that is changing the way we shop, borrow, save and relate to banks.

Specifically, we often talk about Fintech-Fin startups and Fintech-Tech startups: the former are those who focus on one or more financial services and try to optimize them through the use of digital tools, the latter instead have a totally opposite process…

How to understand an Exchange if you want to trade cryptocurrencies.

The continuous evolution in the cryptocurrency environment has allowed not only big changes in everyday life, but also in the financial market.

Thanks to this it has been possible to develop new financial products, we are talking about Exchange.

A tool interconnected to cryptocurrencies that allows an exchange to digital currency on a technological platform. Its function therefore, is to be able to allow the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and make a profit.

The goal is simple: to allow the user to become part of a market in…

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