Have you ever wondered how to create a cryptocurrency? Let’s dive into the topic.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that can be used for several purposes. Its first use is to transfer value between people digitally. Said value can be monetary or refer to ownership rights. What…

Purchase flights, book hotels and rent cars with cryptocurrency. Beginning today, all of this is possible! Do it through LYOTRAVEL, a fully licensed, online travel service.

Today, we celebrate a new achievement: LYOTRAVEL is online!

Go on lyotravel.com Set the currency you prefer, which you can find at the top right. Then it’s time to go shopping! 🌍

✈️ Buy flight tickets
🏝 Book hotel stays
🚙 Rent cars

Enter what you want, and the platform…

The metaverse is a new concept that refers to a 3D universe made of several different virtual spaces. It can be regarded as the future evolution of the Internet. The metaverse will allow users to enjoy social activities and work together in these 3D spaces.

At the moment of writing…

COVID-19 changed the world. It shaped new ways of living and forced companies to adapt by adopting other types of strategies in order to cope with such a massive change. Several industries had to cut costs and fire workers. …

Proof of Stake was conceived in 2011 as a way to save computing energy to validate transactions, thus making the transaction process more sustainable. With PoS, no mining is required to validate transactions. And since no mining is required to solve complex mathematical puzzles, the process is significantly less energy-intensive…

LYOPAY was the Gold Sponsor of the Future Blockchain Summit, the largest Blockchain exhibition in the Middle East, that brings together game-changing startups.

It was an opportunity to introduce our project to crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. We received positive feedback, both on the payment services available today…

Bitcoin reached a new all-time high on 20th October 2021 when it peaked at $66,930. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts cheered on as it reached the milestone with the community rallying hard behind it since early October 2021.

Bitcoin has been on an impressive bullrun since August but only hit an all-time…

Opening an account in LYOPAY is very simple and accessible. You only need to follow a short set of instructions before enjoying all LYOPAY’s services.

What is required to open an account on LYOPAY

First of all, you can choose between opening a private account (for your personal management). To open an account, you must fulfill the following requirements:


The “LYOPAY Update” is a monthly report that focuses on the updates of the LYOPAY platform within the previous month. This report will cover all the updates including achievements, news, new releases, press releases, media coverage, and anything else to bring to the LYOPAY community’s notice. …

LYOPAY Official

LYOPAY is a SuperApp that integrates many day-to-day services, such as payments, e-commerce, travel booking, and many more.

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