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5 min readOct 25, 2021


LYOPAY was the Gold Sponsor of the Future Blockchain Summit, the largest Blockchain exhibition in the Middle East, that brings together game-changing startups.

It was an opportunity to introduce our project to crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. We received positive feedback, both on the payment services available today, and on our development plan: creating an ecosystem of services through Super Apps. This is to give people the tools to use crypto in their daily lives. Only by making cryptocurrencies simple can we aim for the mass adoption of this new form of money.

LYOPAY Gold Sponsor Booth Z4–92 at Future Blockchain Summit.

Thanks to every person who joined LYOPAY at such an important event, and to those who came all the way to Dubai just to support us and meet the team. There were speeches, many videos, and testimonies, which made us understand the limitless value of the LYOPAY community.

Your presence was wonderful, showing your loyalty to the project and as visitors of the Future Blockchain Summit. We at LYOPAY assure you we will keep faith in the trust given by you!

Luiz Gòes, CEO of LYOPAY, meeting guests to talk about the project.

On display were the payments services on the LYOPAY app, as well as the new cryptocurrency exchange LYOTRADE, devices from LYOTECH LABS, and the LYOTRAVEL platform which will be available soon.


LYOTECH LABS, our software and hardware Research and Development (R&D) wing, showcased at the Future Blockchain Summit their new products: LYOPHONE, LYOTAB and LYOWATCH.

Our line of Android products have high security with an encrypted file system, blocking hackers from finding any security loopholes. Unlike most devices, our devices will not be tracking your history without your authorization. You will be able to disable the microphone and the camera so that no app records while you are not using it, which can often happen.

They will also come with full support of our software which will be preinstalled on all the devices. It will take around a year to finalize a customized software, since this requires a lot of work but it will pay off: in our software we could use everything a LYOPAY customer would need! However, the devices will be available much sooner. Stay tuned!

LYOTRAVEL Shows a New Way for People to Travel

Also on display was our new travel agency called LYOTRAVEL.

LYOTRAVEL will allow you to book flight tickets, cars, and your vacation using cryptocurrencies. LYOTRAVEL will be the future of travel using this new type of money as we bring to the public more ways of using cryptocurrencies. Visitors to our booth were excited to see the many ways crypto could be used for daily life, including something as novel as travelling.

Visitors Excited for New Exchange — LYOTRADE

At the Future Blockchain Summit, we also unveiled our new cryptocurrency exchange, LYOTRADE. Most crypto enthusiasts were excited to see that LYOPAY was taking such a huge step forward by opening up our own exchange. We had many people asking how to get their tokens listed on the exchange, showing us that there is great demand for a new exchange where people can trade their cryptocurrencies.

We will be launching LYOTRADE soon, so keep up with our social media channels to learn more.

LYOPAY Presents Keynote

COO Arif Ansari represented LYOPAY at the Keynote where he spoke on the topic ‘Embracing Regulations and Ensuring Success.’ A topic that is closely in tune to our philosophy of working within government regulations and compliances.

Arif Ansari, COO of LYOPAY, during his keynote.

Arif explained to the audience how even with the market getting enormous investment, government regulations have been coming down hard on cryptocurrency exchanges. The only way forward is to work within government regulations and make sure that safety protocols are followed.

LYOPAY has been working within government regulations and has made sure that we comply with all KYC and AML compliances. This has aroused great interest from people, who see the opportunity to rely on a safe and significant project.

Influential Personalities in Panel Discussion with COO Arif Ansari

There were many panel discussions at the Future Blockchain Summit 2021, by many influential personalities, on various interesting topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our COO Arif Ansari was on an important panel discussion titled ‘Transforming the Financial Ecosystem to Align with Digital Currencies,’ along with many eminent personalities.

Joining him were: David Lin, Anchor & Producer, KITCO, who was also acting as the moderator of the discussion; Robert Gryn, Founder & CEO, Metahero; Dr. Jane Thomason, Founder, British Blockchain and Frontier Association; and Hesham Ghandour, Co-Founder, Dapi.

All the panelists made very interesting points about the future of blockchain and how it affects our financial system. Arif also made the point that most countries are coming out with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), which means even the government has come to realize the potential of cryptocurrencies, though these are not truly decentralized currencies like bitcoin.


Overall the Future Blockchain Summit 2021 has been a huge success for LYOPAY as we got to showcase to a large, worldwide audience the potential of LYOPAY. Our booth was packed most of the time with visitors looking at our products.. We got to meet people from all walks of life including crypto enthusiasts, tech geeks, financial investors, and others. With a long list of products under our belt, we’ve been able to pique the interest of various people across industries and sectors.

With the amount of people who signed up to our email list to receive updates on LYOPAY, we’re looking forward to having a wonderful and productive year ahead. We’ve got quite a few things coming up by the end of this year, and the momentum built from showcasing at such an event will push us to have one of the best years yet!

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LYOPAY Official

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