Score a Goal: Choose Your World Cup Team and Win USDT and SCLP!

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3 min readNov 22, 2022

World Cup and cryptocurrencies? Yes, they’re together now on the LYOTRADE exchange! It’s your time to play and win SCLP and USDT prizes. You just have to guess the champions and enter the rewards pool. After the World Cup, LYOTRADE will divide the total prize pool equally according to the number of coins held by the users of the champion team. Coins per team are limited, so hurry up and choose the one you think will win!

  • Buy team coins to guess which team will be the champion. There are 32 teams, and you can choose as many teams as you like while coins per team last.
  • One team coin is worth 1 USDT and your subscription limit for one team is 200 USDT.
  • To subscribe, go to the World Cup page and select Trade for your chosen team. Buy team coins and follow your teams’ performance during the competition.
  • Prizes are received after the final, and not on a single match. You have the opportunity to support your team until the end! The rewards pool is divided between all winners. Your prize will be in SCLP if you are one of the first 1,000 people buying a team token; after that, for new players or new plays the prize is in USDT.

How to Choose the Champion

To participate you must have a account. Log in or register and get a verified account in minutes.

Then, go to the World Cup page to start playing. There are 32 teams, and you can decide how many teams you want to support by buying team coins (ARG2022, BRA2022, and so on). Don’t wait too long as up to 100,000 coins can be issued for each team! You can buy a maximum of 200 coins per team paying with USDT. A team coin costs 1 USDT.

Your subscription amount is included in the prize pool of the World Cup event, and the people who guess the championship team correctly will share the prize pool.

How Much You Win

If you guess the champion, you will get your share of the reward pool. User winners will split the total pool. If your plays are ones of the first 1,000 you will win the prize in Scallop (SCLP) coin (tradable SCLP/USDT); after that, the rewards are in USDT.

The winning odds are calculated based on the total subscription amount and the subscription amount of the team. The real-time odds of the current team winning the championship are displayed as well.

In the group stage, if a team is eliminated, its odds will be zero, while the odds of other participating teams will remain unchanged.

You don’t win on a single match, but on the entire championship: after the World Cup, LYOTRADE will divide the total prize pool equally according to the number of coins held by the users of the champion team.

How to Join the World Cup Game

1. Login to your LYOTRADE account, and go to

2. Select the teams you think could win the cup, and select the Trade button

3. Buy team coins by paying in USDT up to 200 USDT

4. Follow LYOPAY social media to get updates on the contest

5. At the end of the World Cup, the people who chose the champion share the reward pool as a prize receiving SCLP or USDT!

Are you ready to play? ⚽️



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