How to open an account on LYOPAY

Opening an account in LYOPAY is very simple and accessible. You only need to follow a short set of instructions before enjoying all LYOPAY’s services.

What is required to open an account on LYOPAY

First of all, you can choose between opening a private account (for your personal management). To open an account, you must fulfill the following requirements:

- use your email with which you will access the account

- provide general information about you, including your phone number

- provide security questions and associated answers to ensure you can gain access in case of difficulty.

Other requirements

In order to open an account on LYOPAY you must have:

- at least 18 years old

- a resident of a member country of the EEA

- a valid, in-date ID document.

How to log-in on LYOPAY

Ok, now that you know exactly how to open an account on LYOPAY, you may want to log-in. There are two methods that you can use:

1. You can access LYOPAY through any browser from a mobile or desktop device.

2. You can proceed through a smartphone application. The app is available for Android and iOS, thus you can find it both on Google Play and App Store.

KYC is LYOPAY’s authentication process

The process of identification used by LYOPAY is KYC (know-your-customer). This check verifies the identity of the user opening the account. The process is very simple, but it requires all the information to be written correctly, and the documents required to be legible. It usually takes a few moments to verify your identity on LYOPAY, but in some cases it may take longer. The duration of the KYC depends on several factors, as the documents provided, and more.

What can you do with the LYOPAY Super App?

The following ones are some of the many services you can use with the LYOPAY Super App.

E-banking With SEPA

You can make SEPA transfers in euros and dollars to external banks and receive them fast, within 24–48 hours.

EUR and USD Trust Account

You can protect your funds and assets in euros and dollars.

Exchange Instant Trade

You can exchange traditional and cryptocurrencies instantly, with low fees.


Use your smartphone wallet to pay merchants thanks to Google Pay and Apple Pay NFC technology.

Crypto wallet

Receive and safely store over ten currencies with a cold storage service. You can also manage wallet mailings.

Phone top-up

Top up your phone and those of others via our network of 600 phone companies globally.

Do you want to discover other services?

LYOPAY is a SuperApp that integrates many day-to-day services, such as payments, e-commerce, travel booking, and many more.