Crypto on LYO: The Blend — Coinbase in the Netherlands, Walmart Enters the Metaverse, 1M Australians to Enter Crypto within One Year

What happened in the crypto world in the last week? Let’s see some interesting news together!

Coinbase to Start Operations in the Netherlands

Coinbase, a United States-based cryptocurrency exchange has received the green light from the central bank of the Netherlands to begin its operations in the country. Coinbase can now offer its crypto products in the Netherlands, after getting the regulatory approval.

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) will be supervising Coinbase Europe and Coinbase Custody to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act and the Sanctions Act.

Moreover, crypto-related financial and operational rists will not be monitored by the DNB. According to Coinbase’s announcement, “The crypto services of Coinbase are not subject to prudential supervision by DNB.”

Walmart Enters the Metaverse

Walmart has launched Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play on Roblox as the American retail giant makes its way into the Metaverse.

The Walmart Land is filled with immersive experiences such as unlockable tokens and badges, a DJ booth, a Ferris wheel, a motion-capture concert that will be added in October, and more.

Moreover, the Universe of Play will enable users to play games using characters from Paw Patrol, Jurassic World, Magic Mixies, and earn coins and redeem virtual goods.

1M Australians to Enter Crypto Within One Year

A survey by Annual Australian Crypto survey and Australian crypto exchange Swyftx has found that one million Australians will join the crypto world over the next year.

The findings stated that around one million Australians will buy a type of cryptocurrency for the first time within 12 months. Moreover, results showed that Australian crypto ownership reached 21% in 2022.

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