• LYOCREDIT ICO was a success and sold over its soft cap. Sold 16,975,000 tokens out of 30,000,000.
  • LYOCREDIT will be listed on the first LYOTRADE exchange in February, and PancakeSwap will follow in March.
  • Upon listing on LYOTRADE, the LYOCREDIT token will be available for purchase again on the LYOPAY app.
  • 60 days after being listing on LYOTRADE, LYOCREDIT will be listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

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  • The purpose of LYOPAY is to create an ecosystem where everyone can use cryptocurrencies for everything — from trading to travel — through the ease of a single Super App.
  • With Single Sign-On (SSO), our customers will have easier access to our many products using just one account, saving the…

Have you ever wondered how to create a cryptocurrency? Let’s dive into the topic.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that can be used for several purposes. Its first use is to transfer value between people digitally. Said value can be monetary or refer to ownership rights. What…

Purchase flights, book hotels and rent cars with cryptocurrency. Beginning today, all of this is possible! Do it through LYOTRAVEL, a fully licensed, online travel service.

Today, we celebrate a new achievement: LYOTRAVEL is online!

Go on lyotravel.com Set the currency you prefer, which you can find at the top right. Then it’s time to go shopping! 🌍

✈️ Buy flight tickets
🏝 Book hotel stays
🚙 Rent cars

Enter what you want, and the platform…

The metaverse is a new concept that refers to a 3D universe made of several different virtual spaces. It can be regarded as the future evolution of the Internet. The metaverse will allow users to enjoy social activities and work together in these 3D spaces.

At the moment of writing…

LYOPAY Official

LYOPAY is a SuperApp that integrates many day-to-day services, such as payments, e-commerce, travel booking, and many more.

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